Interstate I 30 Rest Area Map

There are 3 Texas Rest Area stops on Interstate I 30. One of which is a Texas Welcome Center. The Texas segment of Interstate 30 (I-30 or IH-30) runs from I-20 West of Fort Worth, Texas, northeast via Dallas, and Texarkana, Texas, to I-40 in North Little Rock, Arkansas. 

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Texas Interstate 30 Rest Areas

I 30 TX Eastbound Rest Areas

I-30 (Mile Marker 111) – Hopkins County Rest Area – Eastbound | MAP

I 30 TX Westbound Rest Areas

I-30 (Mile Marker 111) – Hopkins County Rest Area – Westbound | MAP

Texas Interstate 30 Welcome Center

I-30 WB (Mile Marker 222) 1200 W I-30, Texarkana – Texarkana Welcome Center – Westbound | MAP